Contracts, Legal Advice

The Law Firm Melbourne has built up an extensive network of relationships with core investors, trading companies and a portfolio of commercial clients with backgrounds from all sectors, as well as valued individual clients.


We handle your business concerns and contracts with priority and updated communication, giving you peace of mind in your transactions.


Property Disputes, Consumer Affairs, Personal Injury

The Law Firm Melbourne understands conflict and are experienced dealing with your concerns. We work with you to minimise any concerns and anxiety you may have dealing with the legal process involving your various civil and commercial disputes.


It is our endeavour to obtain a swift resolution you are happy with.


Divorces, Separation, Financial and Parental Agreements

The Law Firm Melbourne deals with family law matters with great empathy as we are familiar with the emotional toll affecting clients in a domestic separation. Clients are treated with respect and our duty of care to you is paramount. 


We deal with financial and parental agreements and other family law matters including divorce/separation. We are a LGBTI-friendly firm.


Conveyancing, Leases, Mortgage Documents

We are always available for your conveyancing matters, particularly as we understand the property/real estate purchases are some of the biggest investments in your lives. We also provide an expedition option for urgent conveyancing at an affordable fee.


More and more, people are prepared for the unpredictable eventualities of life. As such, many are preparing their wills earlier. We act on your instructions when drafting your will and are happy to offer the right advice. We also have a referring network of experienced lawyers for complicated trust, will and probate matters.